an in-between state

slowly adjusting to life outside of school.

"untitled (reductive skull)" woodcut. july 2007. image size 9"x12"

sketch for double woodcut panel (in progress). graphite and gesso. august 2007. 18"x 24"

an ongoing collection. many, many different found objects & materials. mid 2007-present. 18"x30".

detail: hawk beak, feathers, silver, gold, arrowhead, crow feet, glass, plastic, earthware, pewter, skin, fingernails, wood, hair, teeth, barnacle, moth, stone, matchbook, leather, pollen.

detail: copper, nickle, plastic, wood, tin, stones, shells, matchbooks, lichen, matches, plant matter, seeds, hair, arrowhead, badger claw, ash, thread.

fetish mask. fox face, coyote tails, buckskin, turkey feather, beetle wings, rabbit bones, woodpecker feathers, buffalo tooth. october, 2008.

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