Junior/Senior year

I spent junior year at Tufts in academia, so I just lumped 'em together. 2006 was the year I felt something break open!


Broken Hearts are Broken Open, 10"x10", 5 color linocut, 2006

For Abby, Upon Her Birth; 5"x7", linocut, 2006

A Chestful of Sparrows to Fly Me Home, 11"x11", linocut, 2006

3 Generations, 16"x16", linocut with embossment and hand coloring (henna, coffee, ink), 2007

eccle.i:iv-ix, 10"x12", linocut with hand coloring (ink), 2007

Self-Recognition (Overlap), 10.5"x14", 5 color linocut with embossment, 2007


Excerpts from For Paul; 4.5"x6" (per page); ink, watercolor, collage, and vellum on paper; 2007

The Fabulous 3 Mossland St., House of Genius; 9.5"x13" (per page); watercolor, gold leaf, coffee, henna, ink, handmade paper with hair; 2006

------Pulp Paintings------
I took two semesters of papermaking my senior year. There was something so gentle about the way paper is made that left a deep imprint on me. Pulp painting is done by forming a sheet of paper and applying colored pulp like paint onto the surface. Then you dry it flat.

Birdsspeak, 22"x30" per panel, pulp painting with watercolor & henna, 2006


Working with, Not Against; 22"x30"; pulp painting with ink and graphite; 2006

------The Masks------
I had the opportunity to install a piece in the Museum of Fine Art's library the last semester of my senior year. The theme of the show was "self-preservation." What came out is a series of masks made from a mold of my face. Each is alterned in a variety of ways with organic materials to reflect the elements of "self." I called this "Non-Archival Preservation" as each mask is made to fall apart.


untitled (layer painting; 11"x14"; acrylic, henna, beeswax, cinnamon, salt, placebo pills, dust, hair, thread, gold leaf, coffee, resin, rolling paper; 2006

untitled (double drip); 7"x16"; gesso, acrylic, watercolor, seeds, cat claws, beeswax, coffee, henna, wood frame, iron, glass; 2007

What a fertile time!

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