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Grad School!

Pratt has exploded my brain.

Drawings from the book (still in process)


"Raised by Wolves in a Barn on Fire"

"Unitas (ii)"

"Goddess of Rain, Goddess of Tears" (for a project in Mesoamerican art history)
this is flocked with mica dust:



...and installation work with the Bird Army:

"Bird Molecule"


"Kidney (iteration 3)"
"Kidney (iteration 4)"

...and one oil painting for good measure.


a wedding gift

for Kate & Ted:

"Unitas", May 2009, pen, 9"x13"


continued work with drawing

more sketchbook work...

and sketches related to a book-in-process.

the drawings for the book will be published once completed (before the end of the summer).

as an aside, i've been accepted to Pratt in brooklyn for my grad school! i will be returning to my old neighborhood & working my butt off for the next two years!! that is some good fuel for my fire.


a few more recent prints & drawings

First off, this lithograph printed at the Art Students' League. "Birth":

Linocuts printed at Howling Print Studios in Brooklyn.


(image size 11"x14")

"Retch" (proof):

(image size is 6"x12")

and the final reductive:

And drawings. Small sketchbook size (9"X12"):

And a larger drawing in progress: