Grad School!

Pratt has exploded my brain.

Drawings from the book (still in process)


"Raised by Wolves in a Barn on Fire"

"Unitas (ii)"

"Goddess of Rain, Goddess of Tears" (for a project in Mesoamerican art history)
this is flocked with mica dust:



...and installation work with the Bird Army:

"Bird Molecule"


"Kidney (iteration 3)"
"Kidney (iteration 4)"

...and one oil painting for good measure.


  1. Emi! Love the oil painting! I would look at that often. Awesome!

  2. WOOOW! what amazing work...the progression of you, your skill and talent is truly a thing of beauty

  3. We went to school together at the SAIC, then you went to Boston Fine Arts an now your at Pratt. Are you making a tour of all the top art schools in the nation? Well, if you are there is always CalArt,Yale,and Harvard. Otis, and Rhode Island school of design should be on their too. I have a feeling you or at least a part of you will end up in some of these places. I do not have the words to express my deep respect for your work.I hope to collect some of your work in the future.
    Your Friend,
    Joey Ice

  4. Emi, you´re the greatest... This progression series reminds me a book I once saw named Yellow River (from China), a "folded" book within the whole river in it... I think that ribbon of yours as a kind of living river...

  5. Just stumbled on this via Google Image Search (for mesoamerican art). Beautiful work!